‘It went grrr’ – 9-year-old boy finds puma in school bathroom

According to local media, a 9-year-old boy was the first to discover the wildcat after playing soccer on the school grounds in Brazil.

Thankfully, animal officials were able to safely relocate the puma to a nearby jungle without any injuries to humans or the cat.

The footage was initially shared by the Minas Gerais fire department and shows a growling puma very unimpressed with the onlookers surrounding him.

David Miguel, aged 9, told local media in Brazil he “trembled like jelly” when he came across it.

“It went ‘grrr’ and my heart almost stopped”, he said of the ordeal.

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As reported by Globo, Miguel was playing football at the school on Saturday morning when he made the discovery.

No one was hurt, officials said and fire officials confined the puma to the bathroom until the environmental police and a vet arrived to sedate it.

The puma has then sedated the puma at the scene and released, unharmed, in a nearby forest.

No one was injured during the incident.

Wild cat saga in the US

In a separate incident, a large cat in Vancouver was mistaken for cougar as it roamed down Granville Street and 20th Avenue.

Sgt. Steve Addison with the Vancouver Police Department said a nearby school was notified. However, it turned out to be an ordinary housecat.

“We believed this may have been a wild cat”, said Addison, adding, “this was a house cat that was corralled and returned to [its] owner by our officers.”

The animal had a distinctive spotted coat as a savannah cat which is not an exotic or controlled alien species, the local conservation service said in a tweet.

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